B2B Portals Creating Positive Impact

For many traditional enterprises good marketing means campaigning in the traditional way, such as making use of billboards, newspaper and TV ads, and the like.

This approach is slowly seeing a steady decline.

Today, smart businesses are on a different bandwagon.

Companies do not want to limit themselves to knowing what people to know and think about their products and services; they want a framework that is far more inclusive.

The framework must allow a company to apply their specific industry experience, get customer feedback and harness financial analysis to their buying and selling strategies.

B2B portals are meeting the business needs in exactly the manner companies’ want.

It is a common platform where buyers and sellers can advertise, interact, and conduct trade in the most cost effective manner.

UK based Esources is a good example of a B2B portal delivering numerous benefits to businesses.

According to an Esources.co.uk review, the portal is an excellent one-stop shop for getting trade leads, trade offers, and reaching out to international companies.

Benefits of B2B portals have been harnessed specially by small and medium businesses.

Most SMEs are burdened by financial constraints.

Portals like Esources have helped them overcome this barrier by allowing them to register on their websites and reach out to an unlimited number of sellers and buyers spread across the globe.

According to some Esources opinions, the portal works like a virtual office by being active 24 x 7, and 365 days a year.

Moreover, such a platform is offering companies unique ways to conduct business.

Here are two examples.

1. Enables supplier self service

Esources offers an exhaustive view into the buyers’ ERP system. Long winding enquiries can be conducted with just a few clicks.

2. Improves collaborative processes

An Esources.co.uk review was right on target when it said the portal facilitates shared view of data.

Esources is a common platform where both suppliers and buyers can have a look at vital information such as performance numbers. This enables both sides to enhance overall supply chain performance.

B2B will continue to be one of the innovative technologies to be a transformative force in the supply chain.